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Access To Chemistry


by A.v.jones, M. Clement, A.higton And E. Golding

Advanced Chemistry Through Diagrams


by Micheal Lewis

An Introduction to Environmental Chemistry


by J.E. Andrews et al.



by Voet & Voet

Chemical Bonding


by Winter

Chemical bonding


by winter

Chemical bonds: A dialog


by Burdett

Chemistry (A-Level)


by E.N. Ramsden

Chemistry And Chemical Reactivity


by Kotz And Treichel

Chemistry of the elements


by Greenwood and Earnshaw

Chemistry: An Introduction to Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry


by Prof Catherine Housecroft and Prof Edwin

Computational chemistry


by Grant and Richards

Elements of Physical Chemistry


by Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula

Foundations Of Organic Chemistry


by Hornby, Michael & Peach, Josephine

Foundations of Spectroscopy


by Duckett and Gilbert

Inorganic Chemistry


by Huheey, Keiter and Keiter

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