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Age of Extremes


by Hobsbawn

Alfred The Great


by Asser Etc

Angela's Ashes


by Frank McCourt

Anglo Saxon Briton


by Grant Allen

Antisemitism and the Holocaust


by Alan Farmer

Atlas of world history (volume one and two)


by Kinder and Hilgemann

Bonnie Dundee


by Andrew Murray Scott

Colonial Latin America-Sixth Edition


by Mark A Burkholder & Lyman L Johnson

Eighteenth-Century Europe


by Jeremy Black

Euro-Communism : Myth Or Reality


by Paola Filo Della Torre, Edward Mortimer & Jonathon

Europe Since 1870


by James Joll

Europe in the 16th century


by Koenigsberger and mosse

France And Louis Xiv, 1661-1715


by Richard Wilkinson

Gender And Crime In Modern Europe


by Arnot, Margaret, L. & Usbourne, Cornelie

Germany 1866-1945


by Gordon Craig

Germany: The Third Reich 1933-45


by Geoff Layton

Glencoe And The Indians


by James Hunter

Health and Society in Britain since 1939


by Virginia Berridge

Henry Wellcome


by Robert Rhodes James

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