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(swot) Ec Law. (3rd Ed.)


by Foster, N.

**Industrial Law**


by Smith and Woods

A casebook on Contract


by Andrew Burrows

Administrative Law


by Emery

Advanced Business Law


by Denis Keenan

Anson's Law of Contract


by Jack Beatson

Arbitration Of Commercial Disputes (law And Practise)


by Andrew Tweedale/keren Tweedale

Basic Community Cases


by Rudden and Phelan

Basic Concepts Of Legal Thought


by George p Fletcher

Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law and Human Rights: 2002/2


by Peter Wallington & Robert G Lee

Brown: Gcse Law 8th Edition


by John Wilman

Busines Law 8th Edition


by Denis Keenan & Sarah Riches

Business Law


by Keenan And Riches

Business Law


by Marsh And Soulsby

Business Law 5th edition


by Keenan and Riches




Casebook On Contract Law


by Poole, J.

Casebook On Torts


by Richard Kidner

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